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    Brand familyBrand family
    Liby was founded in 1994. As a leading brand of washing products in China, Liby has nationwide marketable washing powder, liquid detergent, laundry soap and detergent builders. The company has won many honors and developed natural liquid soap……
    Liu Bi Zhi
    Liu Bizhi is an oral care brand subordinate to BlueSky Group and a century-old enterprise which specializes in R&D of Chinese medicinal oral products
    BlueSky Liu Bi Zhi
    BlueSky Liu Bi Zhi toothbrush is a brand new high-end brand launched by BlueSky Group in 2012
    Ho Ho Baby
    Vision: The first Chinese brand for children’s oral care Positioning: Food-grade oral care products for children
    Kispa is a high-end skin-friendly care and cleaning product subordinate to Liby Group. Kispa focuses on care and cleaning products for fabrics of families with children

    A wonderland for babies

    How can stains in the exploration process

    CHEIIE is a brand for hair care products containing brand new, outstanding and natural flower and plant extracts